The Amazing Sloth Rider

The Amazing Sloth Rider makes music that combines gentle ambient soundscapes with elements of hip hop, often destroying these beautiful textures with noise and building songs from the bones left behind. Sometimes he even does less wanky stuff, and just jams with friends and strangers.

In 2021 he went on an adventure that he turned into a film, Do Your Thing, a story about playing improvised music outdoors. Audiences weren’t necessary, doing something creative and challenging was. You can find it here.

He likes to read books in the sun, stay up far too late when in good company, and is often up for an adventure*

He hates late stage capitalism (despite not knowing a viable alternative system), censorship imposed by corporations, and the purposeful noise and fear thrown at most of us daily to try and distract us from remembering we don’t need much to be content.

*along with going to a physical destination, adventures can of course be enjoyed vicariously via some imbibements, a couch, and a well told story.